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Application for Bail Bonds

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Directions for Filling Out Forms

How To Apply For Bail

1.  Scan or take a picture of your ID,   Recent check stub or employment verification and text, email or fax it to me @

      Text: (405) 655-8887  Email: info@bigredbailbonds.com Fax: (405) 378-4871

2.  Make your payment on the front page of this site or call us with a credit card number.

3.  Call and let us know that you have completed the paperwork.

Upon release, the defendant will need to come to our offices, and sign all required documents, and MUST ATTEND ALL REQUIRED COURT HEARINGS.

Fill out as much info as you can on the application for Bail Bonds BELOW!

Then go to the Contract and Indemnity Agreement link (red button at the bottom of this page) Fill that in and sign it electronically. If you don’t know the bond amount and cost of bond call and ask us. It must be on the contract.

Once your application is submitted you will need to fill out the Contract and Indemnity Agreement. Click on the blue button below to go to a directions page if you need to.  After reading, you can click on the blue Contract and Indemnity link to take you to the form


Click on the red button below to take you directly to the form

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