Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding The Bail Bonding Process

Will I Need Collateral?

Whether collateral is needed is based on the amount and types of each bond. Collateral is not required in every case. Your state licensed bonding agent will notify you when collateral is required, and what forms of collateral are acceptable.

If You have other questions, please contact your Big Red Bail Bonds agent.

What is a “Premium”?

The “Premium” is the amount of money required by law to secure a surety or property bond. This amount varies, depending on the severity of the charges. The number of charges or bonds to be written, the amounts of the bonds for each charge, the amount of risk, and whether the bond is a municipal or state bond, all play roles in determining the premium amount. The “Premium” is non-refundable, and cannot be applied to court fees or fines.

When Is Bail Set?

When an individual is arrested, they are usually taken to a local law enforcement office for booking. It is normally during this time the individual is first provided the opportunity to secure their release by posting a bail bond. The bond amount is set by law and by agreements within the local judicial system. The bond amount for each charge is posted and provided in schedule form to the local enforcement agency. Some charges require the individual (defendant) to appear before a judge to determine the bond amount.

Some Counties don’t have a set bond schedule and may require the Defendant to appear before a Judge to have a bond set.

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