How Do Bail Bonds work?

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December 19, 2016
Connie Allbriton

We encounter people practically every day who don’t have a clue about how bail bonds work. I will try to explain it as simply as I can. If you or your family or friend are arrested and want out of jail, then there are a few options to consider. When a person is arrested, most counties have a bond amount set specific to your charges. Let’s say your friend’s bond is $5000. You could put up the $5000 cash yourself or hire a bondsman.

We charge 10% of that amount or $500. Most bondsman do, but we do have a minimum charge of $150. Once we are in touch with a family member or friend who qualifies as a cosigner we meet and do the paperwork and collect the money. We then take a bond for $5000 to the Detention Center and the defendant is released.

When we post a bond for $5000 we are guaranteeing the Defendant will appear for ALL of his court dates. If the Defendant misses court, we have to find them or pay the $5000. The cosigner is responsible for the $5000 or our expenses getting the Defendant back. That gives the cosigner a very good incentive to help us. The $500 is our fee for posting the bond or letting you use our $5000. It’s like interest on a loan. When the case is finished and the Defendant has appeared as directed our $5000 is released.