Ice Cream Justice Leaves Bad Taste in My Mouth

Earlier this week, Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream, made a huge announcement in the media. They announced that they love people that break the law. In fact, they love these people so much that they are launching a brand-new ice cream flavor in honor of them. It is called Justice Remixed. All I can say is wow…just wow.

According to the media, Ben and Jerry’s aren’t new to mixing social and political issues with there ice cream. In fact, they have spent over a million dollars on Facebook ads denouncing mass incarceration and demanding criminal justice reform. Now I don’t know about you, but nothing screams knowledge and criminal justice expertise to me like a couple of guys from Vermont that have made millions of dollars selling overpriced ice cream. But in today’s world of celebrities and corporations that feel the need to lecture the rest of us on political and social issues it is totally expected. But it doesn’t make it right. In fact, Ben and Jerry have gotten this one so wrong that I felt the need to stand up and say something…or at least write something.

First, Mr. Ben and Mr. Jerry…stop lecturing the rest of us how we need to feel and what we need to think. Just make your darn ice cream. Second, maybe it is time you stop virtue signaling as a marketing tactic. Just make your darn ice cream.

All that aside, if Ben and Jerry’s really wanted to save the planet and show they really care about their fellow man, it would be nice if they actually focused on a real criminal justice issue…justice for CRIME VICTIMS. Where is the special ice cream flavor for victims of domestic violence? Where is their special ice cream flavor for abused children? Where is their special ice cream flavor for the widows of those that have been murdered? I can only assume that they are still in the conceptual phase and not ready for distribution yet, right? Because if you were going to create an ice cream flavor for someone in the criminal justice system, it would be for the crime victim correct?

Listen, I can appreciate any company wants to help people. But you have got to be focused on helping the right person. Whether Ben and Jerry’s realizes it or not, they are NOT helping the right people. They are not making our communities safer. The criminal justice policies they are supporting are not improving the lives of crime victims or even increasing their chance of justice. They are simply perpetuating a false narrative that criminals are only bad because society wasn’t fair enough or good enough to them. This type of thinking is just plain outrageous.

I have looked into the faces of children that have lost a parent and I have consoled victims who have been beaten within an inch of losing their life. And I can tell you that they are the ones who deserve a “Justice Remix.” So all I have to say to Mr. Ben and Mr. Jerry is if you want to save the world and make a difference in peoples lives, focus your efforts on people who have had their lives taken from them. Focus on helping the innocent as opposed to the guilty. If not, then the rest of us who are really trying to make a difference and help those in need, would appreciate it if you would just keep quiet and make your darn ice cream.

Here is the article:
A new Ben & Jerry’s flavor is meant to highlight criminal justice reform

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