If You Have A Warrant For Your Arrest

If you suspect you may have a warrant for your arrest but aren’t sure, you can call a bondsman and we will help you find out. It costs you nothing for us to look it up and explain your options.

If it is a county warrant you can also look on OSCN https://www.oscn.net/dockets/Search.aspx or a few Sheriff’s offices have warrant searches on their websites.

Enter your name and it will bring up all the cases with your name. If you have a common name you will need to be sure it’s you normally checking the birth date will do it. If you can’t sort through the cases a bondsman can explain them to you. There are many different types of cases on OSCN. It isn’t just criminal cases.
You could also have a municipal warrant. Those probably aren’t online but if you call the Court Clerk in that city they could look it up. You will need to call between 8-5 Monday through Friday. Those are usually for unpaid tickets and many times the bond amount is the same as the ticket amount. A Bondsman can also help you with these.

If you do have a warrant for your arrest. Call a Bondsman or an Attorney. We can explain your options for taking care of it. You may be able to get the warrant recalled without having to be processed through the jail.
You aren’t required to have an attorney for your arraignment but depending on the charge it can be a good idea. If we feel like it would be beneficial to have an attorney with you we will tell you.
There are 77 counties in Oklahoma and every county has its system for this.