Meet our Team of Bondsman

September 8, 2018
by Connie Allbritton

We have several very experienced bondsman working for Big Red Bail Bonds. Most of us are family. I have been a bondsman for about 24 years. I am the Treasurer for the Oklahoma Bondsman Association. I have 2 sons, a daughter-in-law, 2 nieces and a cousin who are bondsman that work for us. We also have several agents who post for us in other counties.

Kim Ligons is my niece. She has worked here for over 6 years. She runs the Norman office. She is also a Licensed Bail Enforcement Agent. She loves bounty hunting. When she isn’t working you will find her at one of her daughters softball games or her sons T-ball games.

Lacey Griffith is Kim’s baby sister and also works in the Norman office. She is the youngest bondsman we have and she is also a licensed BE agent. She doesn’t love it as much as her sister though. She loves making things and playing softball. She is always working on some craft project or hanging out with her niece and nephews. If she’s not at one of her games she is at one of their ballgames.

Dustin Henry is my son. He runs our McClain County Office in Purcell. He owned and operated his own business in Chickasha before he became a bondsman. He often brings his 1 year old daughter to work with him. She is very popular at the courthouse. He has been a bondsman for about 5 years and is also a licensed BE Agent.

Emily Henry is Dustin’s wife and she is also an RN so she doesn’t have as much time for writing bonds as she did. We miss having her around. Dustin misses her organizing his office. Having a 1 year old and a full time job doesn’t leave her much free time.

Chris Allbritton also my son, writes bonds in Grady County which is where he lives. He is also a full time Firefighter in Yukon. He is an avid hunter and fisherman and the Father of a 21 month old boy. Who is as cute as he can be. He is also a licensed BE Agent.

Terry Griffith is a former Norman High School Football Coach and became a bondsman when he retired. He has spent most of the last 1 1/2 years running the family farm in Calumet.

Chuck Siess is my husband and our newest bondsman. He is going to retire from Tinker AFB early next year and will divide his time between bail bonds, his landlord duties and his woodworking projects.

You can see their pictures on the “Meet the team” page on our website.