Reasons your bond could be revoked

The biggest and most important reason you could go back to jail is because you didn’t show up for court.  But a Bondsman or a Judge could revoke your bond and take you back to jail for several other reasons. 

  •  The Judge can send you back to jail when you fail to comply with his requirements.  Such as hiring an attorney, violation of no contact orders, flunking a drug test, appearing late for court or being disrespectful in court.
  •  You fail to check in or notify the bondsman of your change of address or phone number.  When we are responsible for you we must be able to contact you.  Ignoring us is never a good idea.
  •  Your Co-signer no longer wants to remain on your bond.  Under some circumstances a Co-signer can be released from your bond when you are re-arrested or are a flight risk.
  •  You continue to commit new crimes or are a danger to someone else. 

Those are a few of the reasons your bond could be revoked and you would be returned to jail.  Always stay in touch with your bondsman and cosigner, comply with the court orders.