What it means to cosign for a bond

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October 12, 2017
by Connie Allbritton

What it means to cosign for someone to get out of jail

As the Indemnitor (co-signer) on a bond YOU are liable for the amount of the bond if the Defendant does not show up for court and the bond is forfeited.

If we are unable to locate the Defendant and we have to pay the court YOU are responsible for that amount. The bond premium is non-refundable no matter what.

If we are required to have someone pick him up and put him back in jail YOU are responsible for that fee. The fee to pick someone up is usually 10% of the bond or a $200 minimum.

If you feel that the Defendant is a flight risk then call us and we will send someone to pick him up. YOU will be responsible for that fee.

You can’t be released from the bond unless the case is exonerated (meaning the Defendant has pled or been found guilty or the case is dismissed).

If the Defendant is back in jail in the county he was bonded from and you have notified us you want to be released from the bond we should be able to do a recommitment. If the Defendant is in jail in another county and you want off the bond notify us and we will do the proper paperwork to get off the bond. You are not released from the bond until the proper paperwork is filed.

It is my job to make sure the Defendant makes his/her court dates. If for some reason the Defendant fails to appear call immediately and let me know so that we can fix it before a warrant and bond forfeiture are issued. If you have any questions feel free to call me anytime.

If you or the Defendant move or change your address, phone or place of employment notify us immediately.